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Fort Smith Petro Environmental utilizes cutting edge technology to reclaim and recycle compressor oil for the oil and gas industry. The plant reclaims and recycles compressor oil using a de-emulsification process and provides waste oil management services for Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma using methods that comply with all federal, state and environmental regulatory bodies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).

Fort Smith Petro receives emulsified compressor oil from companies throughout Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma, giving them the opportunity to properly dispose of waste oil without causing damage to the environment. Fort Smith Petro’s oil reclamation plant is located at Chaffee Crossing at the intersection of Taylor Avenue and Roberts Boulevard in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

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Fort Smith Petro Environmental Launches Website

Fort Smith Petro Environmental launched our website on May 8 of this year. The site was designed and built by continued >